Kisoko Loves Strawberries along with cherries.Her Crush is Akaito Shion but she doesn't know he knows and he offten shows he likes her.She is very shy and hates people who are unresonable and mean.She tries her best to be out going but usualy fails at it.She first fell inlove with Akaito because Kaito introduced her to him he simply replied "Hey there cutie" She ended up blushing and saying she had to do something.Kaito was the first vocaloid she met and she istantly liked him,from then on she followed him around like alittle puppy and idolized him.She thinks of him an Gakupo to be her big brothers,Meiko her big sister,Miku her twin,Rin and Len her two little sister and brother.She hates hot weather and loves winter more.She is close friends with all of the Shion family expecially Taito she likes him for who he is no matter how violent he is or if hes tsundere or not Kiku Juon doesn't like her she thinks that she is closer to Taito than she is wich Kisoko clearly states thats not the case none the less Kiku still doesn't listen to her.When she has something to talk about or is troubled she usualy turns to Kaito or Haku to talk to.She is known to be a very sweet person and most of the times oblivious to things and expecially love.She hates people who are mean and who are jerks but people usually take her lightly.She thinks of miku as her teacher and sensei.She hangs out with Rin and Len alot usually not ending well.but her main friends she hangs out with are Kikaito,Nigaito, and Mokaito.Like Rin she has a pair of red skates that are her most prized possession and she says if anyone touches them they will WIHTOUT A DOUBT killed. Also like rin she likes to race in them and she has a dark side-when she puts them on she can't help but crush anyone who challenges her.She ahs a song coming out-no competition "fastest skater ni shite ageru".

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